Oyster Yachts

Oyster Marine 

Alan Boswell joined Oyster Marine as Naval Architect and CAD Designer in 1999. In 2005 he was promoted to be head of the design department, which post he held until February 2013.

While at Oyster Marine, Alan Boswell has been involved in the design of many modern sailing yachts including their entire current range, working closely with the many fine subcontract teams building the yachts.


The current Oyster range in february 2013 included:-

Oyster 125    Oyster 100     Oyster 885    Oyster 825    Oyster 725    

Oyster 665    Oyster 625    Oyster 575    Oyster 545    Oyster 475


Earlier Oyster models on which Alan worked included:

Oyster 82    Oyster 72    Oyster 62    Oyster 54    Oyster 46


For more details of these yachts visit the Oyster Marine website at www.oystermarine.com