Boswell Yacht Design are happy to work on small projects such as modifications to interiors, custom deck equipment, keels, steering gear, rigs, engineering systems, and anything else you can think of. 

It can be very helpful to see what the modification will look like, and to have some working drawings that can be used to obtain quotations from craftsmen and suppliers. Often this will lead to lower quotes as they can see exactly what is involved. The design process also allows the boat owner to see and modify the end product, before spending significant sums, and eliminates the costs of any changes that might have been made after the work has started.

Small projects we have worked on have included modifications to the pedestal of a Dehler 36, a change to the foecabin , a new rudder bearing, and a new electrical circuit diagram for the same boat. We have also worked on many small projects for Oyster Yachts, and on some other interesting projects we are not yet allowed to describe.

Some pictures of recent small projects